Four Geeks, 12 Essential Gadgets in 30 minutes

by | Sep 1, 2019 | Webinar

Gadgets are awesome. You know it, we know it.

So, join Chalkline’s co-founders plus a special guest from Microsoft for a 30-minute live gadget show.

We’ll review 12 game-changing gadgets that have helped us become more productive, more efficient, and, well, get more out of life, including:

  • A device to help you improve your sleep quality.
  • A folding keyboard that turns a phone into a computer.
  • A battery charger that’s great for the environment

Ignoring tech gadgets these days is like living in Elizabethan England and not going to see one of Shakespeare’s plays. The world is tech crazy at the moment, and the number of brilliant gadgets on the market is growing exponentially. This suits us just fine.

So, as proud tech geeks we thought it would be fun to share our favourite ones in a recent webinar. Watch the recording and enjoy our gadget reviews below.

The Tile app

These small devices make it easy to locate anything and everything. It’s a cost-effective way to track all of your important items. You simply attach the small tile to your keys, your wallet, or anything else.
Then, simply use the app in your phone and the tile will ring (it connects via Bluetooth).
It’s genius! Never lose anything again. (This link no longer works as Microsoft have discontinued this product)
Don’t have a PA? Don’t worry about it.
Now, you can get Cortana to book your meetings for you.
Just ask Cortana to book a meeting ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’. Then, using the power of AI, will look into your calendar to see when you’re free and send emails to the people you want a meeting with.
It follows up with them and does all the work to get a meeting booked (without you spending time setting it up).
This is a levitating timepiece that you can customise to count down to special moments, such as a birthday or anniversary. You can count minutes, hours, months or years.
We love the idea and how beautifully made this is. It’s definitely something special.
Harry at Chalkline goes through keyboards like nobody’s business. He’s definitely a power-typer.
Fortunately, this mechanical keyboard is strong, stylish and will last him for months!
We love organisation, and everything in the Chalkline office needs a label!
Small or big labels are quick and easy to print out with a Dymo label maker. Highly recommended.
This is a perfect tablet for taking notes or drawing things out. We use this for drawing processes and network diagrams.
It’s a 13-inch drawing tablet that always gets the job done.
This clever app is like a nanny for your kids’ internet/PC/laptop.
It shows you what apps your kids are using and allows you to set parental limits or block access to websites. This is exactly what you need when you’re trying to control and limit access to tech.
This headset is fantastic.
The noise-cancelling functionality makes it great for working in a busy office or a noisy home environment. It’s also got fantastic range, which makes it easy to ‘walk and talk’. What’s more, it can easily connect to your smartphone.
The Busy light makes it easy to see who’s busy or not in your office. It also automatically changes based on your calendar, and has a built-in speaker, so that when your phone rings, it can ring too.
This measures heartrate and sleep movement (REM or not?). It does it better than a smartwatch.
If you’re worried about sleep apnoea, this is medically calibrated to test for that.
These smart light bulbs let you create the perfect lighting ambience in each room of your house.
You can use voice control or program your lights to turn on at certain times. You’ll save small amounts of time throughout your day. Not bad, eh?

We’re more than just gadget geeks…

When we’re not playing with gadgets, we help businesses modernise by embracing the cloud and getting more from their digital solutions.
If you’d like to hear more about what we do, or stay on top of our latest tech insights, check out our past and upcoming webinars.

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