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Landis Attendant Console

Ross from Chalkline speaks to Paul from Landis Computer to learn more about how the Landis Attendant Console helps transform the way receptionists interact with Microsoft Teams.

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Return to Office demo

We wanted to do our bit to make life easier for businesses returning to the office. Watch as we walk through our latest app in detail.

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Power Automate case study

Are you curious to see how we use Power Automate to increase productivity here at Chalkline? Check out our case study webinar and we'll show you.

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Why your business needs eSignature

In this special webinar, we partnered up with Dropbox to demonstrate how their platform is a must for any media business.

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Discover how your business can pass Cyber Essentials

Watch our free, on demand webinar and learn our top tips to achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation

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How to build a great intranet with Microsoft SharePoint

Find out how to build a productivity-boosting intranet that your staff will love in SharePoint.

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How professional services businesses can prevent data leaks

Avoid expensive, damaging and embarrassing data breaches and other security incidents with our comprehensive IT security webinar.

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Four Geeks, 12 Essential Gadgets in 30 minutes

Watch as we review 12 life-changing gadgets that have helped us become more productive, efficient and get more out of life.

Special Guest: Mark Deakin, from Microsoft

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Exploring Windows Virtual Desktop

Create a modern workplace that keeps your staff productive and your data secure, wherever you work using Windows Virtual Desktop.

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How to get the most out of Microsoft Teams

Could your business get more out of Teams? Watch our webinar for tips on how to boost collaboration, productivity and IT security.

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Working from home? No problem.

Do you know what the most common IT problems are when you're working from home? Find out and discover how to avoid them in this webinar.

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