Email gateway security – the first line of defence

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Blog, Cyber Security, Data security

The Challenge:

Imagine the security guard at your Head Office, Email gateway security manages and filters content before allowing emails to be received into your inbox.

Before entering your company, every email is managed and filtered for:

  • Email-borne viruses spread by unsuspecting users, where the viruses stow away, choosing the right moment to cause disruption by releasing their malicious programs.
  • Advanced Malware constantly adapting to target email accounts.

Ransomware can present itself as fake Windows Updates, where users are sent emails requiring them to install Windows Operating System Updates. The unsuspecting users think they are just installing Windows Updates when in fact they are installing ransomware ’exe’ files.

Or the ‘Cyborg’ which when activated, encrypts both your files and programs requiring you to pay to unencrypt them, with no guarantee they have not already been leaked.

The Solution:

Filtering allows your employees to read emails, with any Malware already filtered out.

You are sent ongoing monitoring emails summarising any suspicious or malicious emails that have been filtered.

Emails are filtered through multiple layers, providing authenticity verification, meaning any malicious emails will not be delivered to client inboxes.

Mail Scanning ensures emails that survive the filtering process, will go through further layers of message analysis.

The Outcome:

When your clients open their emails, click on attachments, it is extremely unlikely that any malicious code will be installed on devices.

Systems will stay secure ensuring business as usual.


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