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With the ever-evolving threat landscape and cyber threats becoming more aggressive, your business needs robust and ruthless IT security you can fully rely on. Chalkline offers comprehensive security packages to suit your specific business needs. Not sure which meets your business requirements? Book a free security audit today and find out which package fits your business best.

It’s a match: The IT Security
Package that perfectly fits your business

Not sure where to start when it comes to your business security needs? Chalkline offer three different security options that can be easily tailored to your individual business needs. Whether you need basic security capabilities to protect your remote workforce or need to take it a step further with the full package of unbeatable security, we’ve got your business’ cyber security fully covered.


Security Bundle Essentials

Chalkline’s Security Essentials Bundle offers basic security features every business needs for solid cyber threat protection. It includes:

  • Email gateway & AI security
  • Microsoft 365 Backup (including Email & SharePoint)
  • Microsoft 365 Forensics & Incident Response
  • Outbound mail-flow security – DMARC, DKIM, SPF
  • Fully managed Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with branding
  • Microsoft 365 Tenant Monitoring
  • Third-party patching
  • Workstation baselining
  • BitLocker Monitoring
  • Application whitelisting & ringfencing
  • Base endpoint security
  • Local admin regular password rotation
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Web/DNS filtering
  • Setup & management of Azure AD Single Sign-On, with compatible third-party applications procured via Chalkline
  • Annual regular basic security reporting

Security Bundle Enhanced

Take your security one step further with Security Bundle Enhanced. Already including all Security Essentials capabilities, it offers additional security features such as:

  • Managed Mobile Device Management (MDM) excluding implementation
  • Software inventory for vendor supportability
  • Monitoring for dormant accounts
  • Password Manager with Single Sign-On & BreachWatch
  • Managed phishing tests
  • User Education Portal
  • Internal IT policy templates
  • Implementation of security baseline policies for servers & workstations
  • Technical assistance with Cyber Essentials
  • Quarterly regular basic security reporting
  • Annual security roadmap & meeting

Security Bundle Premium

With our Security Bundle Premium your business IT security will be as strong as it can be. Combining security capabilities of our Security Essentials Plus and Security Bundle Enhanced packages, Security Bundle Premium will provide your business with the ultimate cyber defence and offer additional features such as:

  • Device vulnerability assessments
  • LAN Zero Trust Network Access (SASE & ZTNA)
  • Base SIEM setup with Chalkline Unmanaged Response P1 excludes consumption
  • Technical assistance with Cyber Essential Plus & ISO 27001
  • Cyber security compliance dashboard
  • Setup & management of Azure AD Conditional Access
  • Granular security reporting
  • Monthly regular basic security reporting
  • Quarterly security roadmap & meeting

If you’re unsure which package is right for your business, Chalkline are here to discuss your business needs and will help you find the perfect fit to streamline your security. Book a free cyber security discovery session now to set up the security your business needs and the peace of mind you deserve.

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Your SMB’s guide to streamlined cyber security

With cyber threats becoming more aggressive, SMBs need to adapt and prepare for the increasing threat landscape. But you can only do so if you know what is lying ahead and which actions you need to take to prevent cyber criminals from wreaking havoc. Our guide provides you with all the valuable information you need to defend against the ever-evolving threat landscape, including:

• How cybercrime affects SMBs

• Important cyber threat statistics from 2021

• Common cyber threats in 2022, 2023 & beyond

• Techniques to overcome common threats

• And much more

Download our helpful guide and start defending your business from the rising threat.

Ingram Winter Green’s data in safe hands

A robust and comprehensive cyber security strategy in the legal sector is paramount – and we’ve helped Ingram Winter Green to successfully set up the high level of security that was urgently needed to enable a safe working environment, both remotely and in their offices. Download our case study to discover more about our successful partnership and how our solutions helped tackle their security issues.

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Stay secure with enhanced IT security

Cyber criminals are ruthless and will always find new ways to target your data. Start protecting your business now, and let us help you build the ruthless defence you need to successfully battle against the threat space that is looming ahead.

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