Setup and Management of Active Directory (AD) Conditional Access in the Cloud

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Blog, Cyber Security

The Challenge:

In the Cloud, Microsoft defines modern security perimeters extending outside your network.

The Solution:

User and device identity, where companies have identity-driven signals incorporated as part of their access control. Conditional Access combines these signals together, making decisions and enforcing your policies.

Microsoft defines Conditional Access policies as if-then statements, where if a user needs access, they must complete an action.

Conditional Access configurations allow you complete control over who has access to your network with real time and calculated risk detection enabled:

  • by device and application.
  • by user and group memberships.
  • by IP location information.

You choose how to apply policies including multi-factor authentication granting or blocking access from specific locations.

Conditional access policies with emergency access and break glass accounts prevent tenant-wide account lockouts. You can assign and revoke devices.

The Outcome:

Conditional access policies allow you to control who has access to your network.

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