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MDR (Managed Detection + Response)

Posted by Neil Elton on September 26, 2022
MDR (Managed Detection + Response)

The Challenge: 

Cyber Criminals are getting smarter at using social engineering.   

In Remote working: The importance of cybersecurity, we explained why you need a reliable response plan - enabling you to securely implement remote working and guaranteeing your business continuity. 

More people are remote working, but at the same time cyber threats are on the rise. Cyber Criminals with the ability to inflict Data Losses and Security Breaches are constantly looking for any new vulnerabilities.   

How can you stop them early enough to prevent any damage taking place?  

The Solution: 

Alert Logic defines MDR (Managed Detection + Response) as identifying active threats across an organisation and responding to these threats by investigating, containing and eliminating them.  

MDR has a laser focus on a specific set of attack surfaces and vulnerabilities, preventing ransomware and Cyber Criminals gaining any foothold in your network.  

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, MDR will be monitoring and providing Data and Analytics. Gartner report that, by 2025, 50% of organisations will be using MDR.  

Threat Hunting, Threat Monitoring and Threat Intelligence identify any active threats. Ransomware canaries use virtual "trip wires" alerting you to Ransomware threats with External Recon reviewing any external attack surfaces reinforcing your defensive barriers.

Using Advanced Analytics and Human incident investigation and response experts, you will have comprehensive cyber security coverage for your company.  

The Outcome: 

With MDR constantly monitoring, ensuring all threats are dealt with promptly, you have a bird’s eye view of all active incidents and investigations, remedying any issues immediately.  

Defending your company against hidden threats and advanced attacks.   


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