LAN Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Blog, Cyber Security

The Challenge:

Your Local Area Network (LAN) is subject to attacks; how do you protect it?

In The State of Zero Trust Security 2021, 78% of companies worldwide have increased zero trust as a priority, with up to 90% working on zero trust initiatives.

With emerging cybersecurity threats, how do you know which URLs should be allowed in or blocked?

Teleport defines your Local Area Network (LAN) as connecting a limited number of devices, company sites and offices.

Your LAN is never secure, even within a virtual perimeter fence.

The Solution:

Zero Trust Network Access is where a security framework is in place. Continuously reauthorising and verifying your users’ access. Technologies providing secure remote access on defined access control policies.

The guiding principle is “Never Trust, Always Verify”. Cyber Criminals will never be able to infiltrate one part of your network then have full access to your entire network.

The Outcome:

If Cyber Criminals infiltrate your authentication credentials once, through “Never Trust, Always Verify”, Zero Trust Network Access keeps asking them to reauthenticate themselves, providing you with extra levels of security.

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