How to power-up your firm’s remote project management skills

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Blog, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Remote working

Did you know that 76 percent of workers avoid the office when they need to get important work done?

This is because with the right tools and software, you can actively improve your project management skills through remote working.

That’s right – just because your teams aren’t in the office right now doesn’t mean you have to accept the bare minimum.

In fact, you can use the current situation as an opportunity to make significant improvements to your financial firm’s project management.

4 ways to power up your firm’s remote project management skills

At Chalkline, we specialise in the cloud. We’re also a Microsoft Gold Partner, so we have both the experience and technical know-how to power up your remote project management capability.

Here are our recommendations to help you make the most of remote working.

1. Ensure consistent, effective communication

Being able to stay in touch with your team and communicate is vital to project success and an invaluable project management skill.

You can maintain project level communication with tools like Microsoft Teams, which allows you to hold HD video conferencing meetings with up to 250 people, helping users communicate and work together in a secure environment.

2. Monitor progress, workloads and deadlines

Time is a precious commodity on any project. If handled poorly, your team can eat it up faster than you’d think. When working from home, you need visibility into work completed and billable hours (if applicable).

That’s why you can use software like Microsoft Project to keep track of your progress.

Microsoft Project’s features help managers plan their projects effectively from anywhere in the world. You can design a schedule, assign tasks, track workloads, manage the budget and track progress. All in one place.

3. Enable secure collaboration in the cloud

Collaboration requires structure and efficiency, otherwise it can get messy in a remote-working format.

SharePoint enables teamwork by creating a secure, productive file collaboration environment that meets the needs of your project team with seamless sharing and version tracking. Think of it as a safe, mobile intranet for your projects.

4. Monitor project success in real-time

Collecting real-time analytics adds to the success of your projects. If you want to monitor your projects, using Power BI opens up a new level of reporting.

You can analyse your business, competitors and customers to help inform the projects you plan, incorporating data from other tools into one place.

Thrive despite the distance

With most people working from home at the moment, businesses need to step up their remote project management skills.

The above apps will help keep your team united, despite not being in the same office. Not only that, they will help you build a better business in the process.

If you’d like to find out how Chalkline can help you boost your project management while remote working, get in touch.

Find out more about how we found the shift to remote working by watching our webinar here.

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