How to drive business transformation with automation

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Blog, Business Transformation, Process automation

Technology-driven business transformation is a top priority for many organisations. Why? Because businesses who prioritise a digital-first approach are 64 percent more likely to achieve their goals than their peers.

While many different processes and technologies can drive your business transformation, we’d like to focus specifically on automation.

We’re not talking about job-stealing robots, but rather effective process automation that can ease workloads and boost productivity. (Precisely what you’re looking for when transforming your business.)

So, let’s take a closer look at the specific ways in which automation can drive your transformation efforts.

Improve IT security

With the average data breach costing £2.91 million, IT security needs to be a top priority for every business. Thankfully, protecting your organisation can increasingly be turned over to automation.

Using the tools provided by Microsoft, there are many automation features that help keep things secure. For example, in Microsoft Azure you can set up automated responses to Security Centre triggers. Perhaps you want Security Centre to email a specific user when an alert occurs – now you can!

Of course, automating your security efforts will boost your continuity and ensure you can keep on providing a good, secure service to your customers. It’ll also save time for your IT team – instead of working to resolve IT security issues, they can work on more transformative projects.

Boost employee productivity

Enhancing workplace productivity is a top goal for many business transformations; fortunately, automation can be a key driver for this as well.

That said, it’s best to think of this as a complimentary relationship, and not just replacing workers with robots. Once you do automate those manual (and often mundane) tasks, you’ll free up your staff to focus on higher-leverage activities, such as innovation, strategy, and new product development.

Again, Microsoft has some nifty tools to help here. For example, Power Automate allows your teams to automate repetitive processes and workflows – such as approval requests – so your staff can focus on more pressing tasks.

Drive efficiency gains

Cutting out wasteful processes can dramatically improve your business and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Indeed, Power Automate helped Forrester reduce errors by 27.4 percent.

These automated tools are helpful in this area, as they streamline repetitive tasks and reinvent traditionally ‘risky’ paper processes. The great thing about efficiency gains is that you make your business less complex all while increasing resilience and reliability.

Business transformation through automation

If you’re looking to drive meaningful business transformation, automation ought to be on your radar.

This is because automation holds the power to improve IT security, boost productivity and drive efficiency. And it needn’t be difficult either. By using accessible and intuitive tools, such as Power Automate, you can get the job done while relying on the trusted name of Microsoft.

If you’re confident you’re ready to bring more automation to your business and enjoy the many benefits it brings, why not chat with our team? We’re a friendly bunch who are passionate about helping businesses unlock more value with automation.

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