Enterprise mobility + security

Keep pace with security challenges. Identity-driven innovations help you stay secure and productive on your favourite apps and devices.


Enterprise mobility + security • Keep pace with security challenges

Identity-driven innovations help you stay secure and productive on your favourite apps and devices.

  • Identity & access management
  • Device & app management
  • Information rights management
  • Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft’s latest security offering provides enterprise-grade security to businesses of all sizes. This protects the sovereignty of your data, prevents data leakage and keeps your devices maintained & secure.


Central identity

Users have a single user account across their devices, apps and cloud. EM+S integrates with thousands of SaaS apps out of the box, including Salesforce, Slack and Dropbox.

Users can quickly be added to or removed from these third-party apps.



Provide users the ability to access organisational data from their personal devices, yet stop them from putting any of this data at risk.

You can remove all organisational data from a device (leaving all personal data) quickly and easily.

This supports the three major phone platforms.


Identity-driven security

Multi-factor authentication can be enabled to provide a physical layer of defence and safeguard against stolen passwords and “brute force” access attempts.

If you log in from London, then log in from China 30 minutes later, it’s clear that your account has been compromised and so your account can be locked out before access is granted to a hacker.

Data protection

Whether it’s on email, SharePoint, or even your file server, sensitive data can be encrypted using Azure Information Protection.

Data is classified based on its sensitivity and you can be assured that only users who are authorised can open the document (even if it gets forwarded on).

Access can be logged, monitored and revoked even after sending.


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