IT security: How professional services businesses can prevent data leaks

Data breaches and IT security incidents are expensive, damaging, and embarrassing.
Most issues happen because of avoidable weaknesses and oversights.
Watch our recorded webinar and discover:
  • The top five gotchas from the security audits we’ve run.
  • What a security audit looks like, and how penetration testing helps.
  • What MFA is and how to implement it throughout your organisation.
  • How to train staff to protect against phishing and spear-phishing. 
  • How to protect your email and web browsers.

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Stay secure

Protect your business from phishing attempts.

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How to train others

Your business is only as strong as its weakest link.


Learn from experience

We'll share the top things we uncover with security audits.

Watch the 30-minute recorded webinar covering:

  • How to train your staff and create a more secure business
  • The top five things we typically find in security audits
  • What security audits are and what pen-testing is
  • Bonus: how to protect your email and web browsers