Security & Risk Management

Optimise your IT security by focusing on both prevention and recovery

01-Protect sensitive data-01

Protect sensitive data

Defend your business data from leaks and hackers

02-Manage devices remotely-01

Manage devices remotely

Remotely monitor and secure devices wherever they are

03-Prediction and prevention-01

Prediction and prevention

Use security insights to pre-emptively protect your business

04-Fast, effective recovery-01

Fast, effective recovery

Prevent downtime and get back to work fast

How Chalkline boosts your IT security

Protect your business from disruption

Protect sensitive information

Clients, employees and other stakeholders trust you with their data. Defend it from leaks or cyberattacks with the latest and greatest in IT security solutions.

Manage devices remotely

Remote working can lead to device theft or loss. Ensure you can locate, monitor and lock any business device across the globe.

Prediction and prevention

Use Advanced Threat Analytics to predict and prevent cyber threats from internal and external sources.

Fast, effective recovery

Even if you fall victim to a cyberattack, you need to keep working. Prevent downtime and restore your business data with cloud storage backup solutions.

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