Chalkline Referral Programme

If you’re on this page, we hope you’ve had the pleasure of working with us and seeing our people-focused, customer first approach (and if you haven’t, we’d love to hear from you too and show you the Chalkline experience!).

We’re always looking for new opportunities to modernise IT for businesses.

We love working with referral customers. A warm introduction allows us to hit the ground running and ask the important questions needed to help us do a good job. Indeed, that’s how we get the majority of our clients.

Join our referral scheme and when you introduce a new client to Chalkline, we’ll pay a referral fee of 5 percent of our first six months’ fee income, up to a maximum of £5,000 per new client.

A win-win!



You can choose to:

  • Keep the referral fees yourself
  • Let us donate them to a charity of your choice
  • Let us give the referral fees to the client as a discount
  • Split the fees / discount 50:50 with the client
  • (If you’re a client of ours) credit the referral fees against our invoices

In the interests of transparency, we will disclose the referral fees to the prospect as part of our proposal process.

The large print

This programme is subject to a few terms and conditions:

  • Prospects must be registered in advance by completing this form
  • We would then look to some kind of formal introduction, for instance an introductory email from you to both parties.
  • For new business only; meaning that the prospect is not already in our CRM or an existing client
  • To keep the calculations simple, we will not pay referral fees on software license fees or other resell income; only on Chalkline services and excluding VAT
  • Referral fees are only paid on revenue actually received by Chalkline during the six months.
  • Referral fees are only paid if the new client is still a client at the end of the quarter for which referral fees would otherwise be payable
  • Referral fees will be calculated quarterly at the end of March, June, September and December and paid within 30 days of the end of the month in question
  • This programme is not available to any employees of Microsoft as it would put us in breach of our vendor terms and conditions and Microsoft policies
  • You agree and confirm that your participation in this programme does not put you or Chalkline in breach of your employer’s guidelines or other regulations concerning conflict of interest, gifting, purchasing, standards of business conduct etc.
  • Chalkline staff and their families are not eligible
  • This programme is entirely at Chalkline’s discretion and may be modified or withdrawn at any time.
    (It’s obviously not our intention to do this but this means we can have a clear, transparent programme without a lot of legalese.)