Way to Blue

by | 31st March 2019

Objective: To implement a solution that would allow every employee to collaborate and work remotely, from multiple offices and often when on the road at events.

The Situation

‘They have taken the time to understand our business and offer advice at all levels of engagement.’

Before we were able to suggest new solutions, we needed to understand the needs of the business, and their current processes, along with any challenges that Way to Blue encountered. They had communicated to us that their overarching objective was to implement a solution that would allow their teams to collaborate and work remotely, from multiple offices and often when on the road at events.

At a more granular level, Way to Blue needed:

  • To access the data from any of their offices across the world
  • Security products were in place to consolidate and accommodate users that wish to use G Suite and Slack
  • Solutions that integrated seamlessly with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure
  • With offices in the UK, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Rome, LA and Sydney, Way to Blue needed to be able to access their data effortlessly, from anywhere in the world.

The Solution

To make this possible, we chose to move their servers to Microsoft Azure, thus removed the dependency on the London office, which was previously being accessed by the other countries and was previously the single point of failure. To accommodate the concern about security when using third party services such a Slack, we are currently introducing SSO, so users log into Slack via their single Microsoft account. This solution integrates with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, offering resilience to the business and peace of mind for Way to Blue.

As proactive and ongoing support was of the utmost importance to this client, our managed service works to underpin their business. The offering includes proactive monitoring of all devices so often, that we often notify users if issues before they even occur, and both parties consider the relationship to be a true partnership.

The Outcome

‘We consider them to be our trusted advisor and our engagement with them at all levels is integral to our business’

The moving of Way to Blue’s server to Microsoft Azure, and the implementation of the various products has meant that Way to Blue can now work securely from any location, knowing that their data is safely stored in the cloud. On a more senior level, Way to Blue look to Chalkline for strategic advice and guidance when it comes to regularly implementing solutions that innovate and improve their business.

‘Chalkline have suggested solutions that make it easy for us to work whilst we are safe in the knowledge that our data is not only accessible but also securely backed up, that’s the beauty of the cloud.’

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