by | 10th December 2020

How we grew Pemberton’s business efficiency and resilience

Pemberton is an independent and ambitious asset management group focused on capturing the opportunities created by a changing European financing market.

They have a headcount of over 100 people and, although based primarily in London, they have staff scattered throughout Europe’s financial hubs. Let’s look at the tech and business challenges they faced, followed by how Chalkline stepped in to help.

Pemberton’s tech challenge

Before working with Chalkline, Pemberton were in a comfort zone with their tech. They weren’t pushing the boundaries or making technology work for them. Naturally, this held back their ambitions and business growth.

Whilst they were already using Office 365 and a hosted desktop solution based on Azure, they weren’t really getting the true benefits of the cloud and didn’t feel empowered by their technology.

Their technical requirements involved:

  • Modernising their technology to handle new remote working set-ups and increase employee productivity
  • Extracting the most value from their Microsoft 365 and Azure PaaS technology stacks
  • Uncovering business insights from their data

With support from Chalkline, they’ve made some key changes to revamp their technology stack. Here’s how.

How Chalkline modernised Pemberton’s technology

‘We’re very impressed with the work Chalkline has done. They have a structured way of working and work methodically. They are experts.’ Thomas Lack, COO, Pemberton

Chalkline helped Pemberton make a swathe of meaningful changes to their technology. With a mixture of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Microsoft 365 applications (including Power Automate and Power Apps) and Azure PaaS technology, Chalkline modernised Pemberton’s technology stack and enabled smooth remote working foundations.

Alongside the technical help, Chalkline also offered consultancy support to ensure Pemberton made the most of their Azure environment.

The brilliant outcome

With the help of Chalkline, Pemberton now benefit from a range of ongoing benefits. These include:

  • Improving collaboration and communication. Becoming ‘greedy’ users of Microsoft Teams means Pemberton’s staff can now collaborate on work no matter where they are. The integration of voice comms, instant chat, and the ability to share files and work together were critical steps for Pemberton to navigate the impact of Covid-19.
  • Boosting security and compliance. Using WVD, Pemberton can now ringfence their data to prevent data breaches. Chalkline have also moved Pemberton to the M365 E5 plan, which includes advanced compliance features, Power BI, Teams telephony, and a host of other features. Finally, firewalls and domains for each geographical location further helped secure their business.
  • Driving efficiency and productivity. The new Microsoft 365 tools helped streamline processes, bring automation and improve staff output. For example, there is now less emailing, and a more developed use of the tools Microsoft 365 has to offer, with OneNote and Planner supplementing Teams to give staff a powerful suite of tools. In addition to this, Chalkline helped Pemberton define a strategy and structure to migrate their data off their file server and into SharePoint – this will further help sharing and collaboration.
  • Building better business intelligence. Now, Pemberton uses Azure services that are on-demand. This provides them with the scalability to increase their storage and take on valuable business intelligence projects. With Power BI sitting on top of that, they can enrich their business data and unlock the business insights they need.
  • Empowering remote capability. Chalkline built a WVD solution quickly within just a few weeks, giving Pemberton’s staff the power to use Teams and other Microsoft tools with confidence, remotely. Pemberton has now streamlined its infrastructure and business processes, which in turn has brought immediate cost savings, more functionality, and greater stability.

Ultimately, invigorating Pemberton’s tech stack means they now have more confidence in the ability to support and grow their business.

‘Working with Chalkline has given us the confidence to step forward and embrace what’s available with M365 and Azure. Now, we’re pushing at the boundaries a lot more and embracing the cloud in its fullness.’ Thomas Lack, COO, Pemberton

Step into the future with Chalkline

If Pemberton’s story resonates with you, it might be time for your business to look at modernising its technology too. From levelling up your cloud infrastructure to helping you supercharge productivity with Microsoft 365, we’ve got a wide range of services that can help.

So, reach out to one of our team for a chat today. We’d love to hear from you.

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