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by | 25th February 2019

Objective: Provide appropriate SLAs and a high service level that allows IWG to focus on their core business without disruption.

The Setting

IWG approached us as they were unhappy with the level of support and the service level agreement (SLA) delivered by their previous Managed Service Provider.

It was critical to IWG that they partnered with a provider that operated with the correct process and could provide a reliable service, allowing them to focus on their business with minimal disruption and downtime.

Security is paramount to IWG, and with this in mind we needed to implement services that supported the high level of security that is required for those working in both the office environment and remotely.

The Solution

We worked closely with IWG to design, develop and implement a resilient IT infrastructure. The new environment includes:

  • Implemented Azure Site Recovery (ASR) as a disaster recovery option backing up off the cloud.
  • Replicating the on-premises Domain Controller into Azure, offering instant redundancy and resilience.
  • Moving to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) we have also implemented numerous security enhancements, such as deploying Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).
  • Enabling Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) means access to IWG’s business data is far more secure.

As mentioned, security is of utmost importance to IWG and something that is taken very seriously. After a successful penetration test, which consisted of physical and social testing, we implemented various recommendations and IWG updated their policies jointly with Chalkline.

The Outcome

IWG are benefitting from the level of support that Chalkline provides, and we have built a great working relationship with the team. We strive to continue to offer our knowledge and expertise to enable them to evolve their infrastructure when required.

Members of the team are able to access data remotely, safe in the knowledge that all data is secure in Microsoft Office 365, while Azure Site Recovery provides a disaster recovery solution that complements IWG’s on-premise requirements, replacing expensive and clunky hardware.

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