by | 8th January 2020

Objective: To enable fluid collaboration between multiple offices and increase efficiency.

The Setting

“The existing infrastructure that we had in place, and the hardware that was being offered to us by other companies, still did not offer a seamless service. As a business, we were far too reliant on internal systems”

Haibun had experienced steady growth over a two-year period and had opened a second office in central London to meet the demand for their financial intermediary services. In order to support the firm’s ambitious growth plans, their legacy IT infrastructure needed to be overhauled to be able to cope with the increase in telephony and communication requirements.

Due to the nature of the industry, it was imperative that the chosen environment could meet the highest standards of security and reliability, in accordance with FCA regulations.

Haibun also wanted to run a mobile workforce, minimise downtime and enable more flexibility with regards to senior partners to be able to work from other locations at any time.
They reached out to Chalkline after learning that we had specialist experience in providing cloud infrastructure to businesses with the financial services sector.

The Solution

“The biggest benefit is that Chalkline made the effort to understand what we do and has been proactive in suggesting ways that technology can help our business.”

Upon learning about the business, their plans for growth, internal processes and challenges, it quickly became clear that it was the full Microsoft stack that would meet all of Haibun’s needs, alongside the security requirements.

The solution included Office 365, the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite and mobile device management; this offered the potential to scale the business effectively and become more flexible, something that was not possible with the existing legacy software. For security, Microsoft Azure IaaS was also implemented to host a server that manages Haibun’s Active Directory.

The accessible and responsive nature of our support desk has meant that minimal downtime was experienced throughout the process, and by taking the time to thoroughly understand the business in-depth, meant that we could provide a level of engagement and Haibun could save a significant amount of internal resources, making it more efficient.

The Outcome

“Chalkline could provide a level of engagement with the business in a way that’s enabled us to save a significant amount of resources in terms of making our staff more efficient. As a growing business, that was crucial”

With immediate effect, Haibun could benefit from increased collaboration and communication between its two offices and have reported that the new cloud-based infrastructure has saved them countless working hours because of the level of connectivity and provided peace of mind with regards to the secure hosting and storage.

The new solution will scale effortlessly as the company continues to experience growth, without compromising efficiency or security.

“Chalkline were able to come in and in a short space of time, they fully understood the business, its goals and the flexibility which we wished to achieve. In terms of the value we got, I believe we received much more than we paid for in terms of service and customer care.”

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