Workstation Baselining – keep to security standards

by | 15th August 2022

The Challenge: 

Installing a new device for a new employee? If so, have you set a minimum-security baseline?  

Cyber Criminals review LinkedIn, looking for profiles where people have recently changed companies. 

If they target your new employee’s devices, are you ready with Minimum Baseline Security Standards?  

The Solution: 

Microsoft defines a security baseline as a group of recommended configuration settings based on feedback from their security engineering teams, product groups, partners and customers. 

Comprehensive coverage ensures your company is safe and secure. All Minimum Baseline Security Standards should be documented and classified based on the type of server, desktop workstation, network and security device.

Ensure all Minimum Baseline Standards are approved by your IT management team, published and shared, around your company. 

The next steps are comprehensive assessment and comprehensive testing with practice making perfect.   

Ensure your devices remain functional, minimise downtime, lock down your employees’ home devices and enforce your policies and passwords.  

The Outcome: 

All your users and devices operate within the same minimum level of security. When threats are detected, they are dealt with immediately, allowing you to carry on with business as usual. 


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