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Posted by Ross Stern on Jan 5, 2018 10:20:59 AM
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Backing up your documents, pictures and other data is one of the most important things you can do with an IT system. Most businesses have catalogues of documents that, if lost, would have catastrophic consequences. It is important that these items are backed up – one solution for this is Dropbox Business.


Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that allows you to save all your photos, documents, videos and files online. These will all appear automatically from any device, in any location - all you need is an internet connection.

This blog is written for those users who use Dropbox for business use, with full security, monitoring and permissions.

I have put together a list of my top reasons as to why I love Dropbox:


Sharing documents is essential for anyone these days. Dropbox provides the ability to share a link to an individual and allow them to have full access to the item you have shared. This is especially handy when you are working on a document with a colleague - instead of having multiple copies of the document and conflicts, there's a single file with full version control.

Any links can be revoked instantly and you can also set a password & expiry date - this helps to keep your data secure.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Dropbox allows you to access your documents from any device, at any time, from any location. A great example of where this is useful is when I am sitting on the train in-between meetings; I can simply log into the app on my mobile phone, and view the presentation that I will be presenting that afternoon.

Recycle Bin and File Versioning

When you delete a document within Dropbox, it is kept in a Recycle Bin for 120 days before being permanently deleted. When a file is updated - any previous versions are also retained for 120 days, and users are able to easily restore to an older version in a matter of clicks.

Users can also be prevented from emptying the Recycle Bin - this protects the business from malicious deletion from a user.

Why Dropbox Business?

The advantages of moving to Dropbox Business are numerous. Team folders can be created with RBAC - folders can be automatically shared out to users based on their group membership - for example, if you are a member of the 'Finance' group, you automatically get access to the 'Finance' and 'Payroll' team folders.

Dropbox have also recently released a new feature, Smart Sync, which allows you see all the files and folders on your desktop without actually downloading them - they are instead automatically downloaded when you open them. This saves hard disk space and network bandwidth - especially when you have a number of users accessing Dropbox.

Dropbox also integrates with Office 365. You can use the Office Online applications with Dropbox, and also log in using your Azure AD (Office 365) user account (Advanced license only).

With the Standard plan (£10 per user per month), you get 2TB storage, whereas with the Advanced plan (£15 per user per month), you get unlimited storage.

As a Dropbox Reseller and Partner, we can help you migrate to Dropbox Business and ensure you are using it effectively.

If you would like to learn more about how Dropbox can help your business, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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