What’s Enterprise Mobility + Security? (And why you need it)

by | 4th February 2019

What is enterprise mobility? And why is it so prevalent today?

EM+S integrates Mobile Device Management (MDM), Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Mobile Application Management (MAM) with enterprise-grade security solutions to provide businesses with the necessary levels of data protection and threat management.

The traditional office environment is changing. Businesses are no longer only offering their employees 9-5 working hours, operating from the confines of their bricks and mortar, using outdated machines and technology, tethering them to a stationary desk.

The modern workplace comprises of remote workers – whether they are local workers using the flexibility of remote working to embrace their desired work/life balance or workers with locations around the globe, allowing employers to tap into an international talent pool.

Many firms have also chosen to adopt ‘bring-your-own-device’ or BYOD policies, whereby their teams are using their personal devices to undertake their daily role.

These two elements increase the mobility of a business, offering opportunities to increase employee freedom and productivity, accessibility and reliability for your client base and improved collaboration. Yet, with these benefits come IT challenges, such as risk management and information protection.

Concerns around mobility

It’s often thought that mobility and security can’t complement each other. Business owners and IT personnel are concerned that remote access and BYOD initiatives pose greater vulnerability and cyber threats. It’s true to say that as a rule, smartphones and tablet devices haven’t had the same rigorous security solutions applied to them as desktop devices have. Firms may worry that this could provide gateways for cyber criminals, leaving them vulnerable.

However, simply put, not embracing innovation because of fear is a bad business decision – you are raising the white flag and waving your competitors through.

Companies need to rethink their perspective on data security; given the plethora of devices that can be used to access your data via the cloud, making your employees, and business far more efficient and productive – it’s not devices that need to be secure, it’s the data.

Working with a third-party cloud vendor, such as Chalkline, will mean that your data and sensitive information are adhering to the highest possible security standards through a variety of ways, and one of those ways is Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Components and benefits of Enterprise Mobility + Security

Along with explaining the core benefits that EM+S brings to a business, we will run through the components of the products that comprise the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite, as they each provide highly valuable functionalities.

Azure Information Protection

ENABLES SAFE REMOTE ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD: Increases the business efficiency and productivity by utilising remote workers and provides a platform for businesses to effectively scale to operate in international markets and across multiple sites.

Encrypts files and emails across both cloud and on-premise locations, and intelligently classifies them for both shared internal and external sharing. Azure Information Protection also offers cloud-based file tracking, intuitive one-click processes to protect data and data tracking capabilities.

• Microsoft Intune

DEALS WITH MOBILE DEVICES: We reside in a mobile-first world, Microsoft Intune enables your employees to seamlessly and consistently access and deal with your company documents safely with a great user experience. Offers mobile device and application management by protecting business applications and data across all devices. Microsoft Intune provides support for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, endpoint protection and the remote wiping of data.

• Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

PROACTIVE, NOT REACTIVE, PROTECTION: ATA is a proactive solution, flagging up threats and potential breaches before they can cause damage to your business. This means that you are protected from financial loss, downtime, and brand damage. This component leverages user data and behavioural analytics to expose statistical patterns of behaviour and offer protection from highly advanced, targeted cyber-attacks.

• Azure Advanced Threat Protection

EXTRA SECURITY: Azure ATP uses multiple sources of data to learn the behaviours within your business, before building a behavioural profile. This enables it to recognise anything that falls outside of the profile and bringing it to your attention – giving you full transparency and control. ATP monitors, identifies and detects advanced threats, compromised identities and any malicious actions against a business. Using machine learning capabilities and adaptive intelligence, businesses have real-time, comprehensive insights into any on-premise or cloud-based threat.

• Azure Active Directory Premium

SIMPLIFIES IDENTITY MANAGEMENT: Reduces the workload for IT personnel and enhances employee productivity and ultimately output. This empowers the end user, with mobile applications and a seamless user experience, while empowering the company at the same time, by allowing them to set role-based access control, controlling who has access to what. This component offers a range of functionalities that make it easier to secure a high volume of devices. Elements such as multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, single sign on for multiple applications, cross-application sync capabilities for hybrid environments and threat and security reports.

An extra benefit – reduced costs

Of course, protecting a business from a data breach saves a business hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds when you take into account loss of business and any damage to a brand that ensues the event. Some businesses never manage to recover from an attack. A move to the cloud brings with it a reduced cost, through bypassing expensive hardware that requires maintenance or eventually, needs to be replaced. A move to EM+S also removes the need to micromanage users or pay out for devices if a BYOD policy has been adopted.

Final thoughts

Each business has unique needs that will dictate the architecture of their IT infrastructure. This is why Enterprise Mobility + Security and other applications, such as Office 365, are the perfect solution. With the options of integrating with cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid infrastructures, these solutions can provide flexible, powerful tools that enable businesses to increase productivity, improve communication and become future-proofed, all while reducing costs and becoming more secure. If EM+S is something you think could take your business to the next level, please get in contact with us to discuss your bespoke business needs, and how we can meet them.

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