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Software Inventory for vendor supportability

Posted by Neil Elton on October 17, 2022
Software Inventory for vendor supportability

The Challenge: 

In Cybersecurity best practices for asset management firms Chalkline quoted a letter written by the Central Bank of Ireland, titled ‘Dear CEO’, discussing the lack of cybersecurity best practices within the financial services industry. IT asset inventories are one of the six areas highlighted that firms should focus on.  

Do you know how many different types of software are installed across your network? Which versions are currently installed? Are all these versions still supported? What happens if a Cyber Attack occurs?   

Techopedia defines the process of keeping a record of all the software and applications used in an IT environment, as part of IT asset management enabling the recording of each type, size and vendor of software installed on your devices.   

Each piece of software has a lifecycle. If you do not know where your software is in its current lifecycle, it could be a major cybersecurity risk.   

Itarian defines RMM as software helping IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) remotely monitoring client devices and networks and PSA as a central repository for all the MSPs’ processes, clients, assets, inventories and billing times.   

How do you consolidate all this information, to easily access it, ensuring your software vendors are contacted promptly, when your current software lifecycles have run their courses? 

The Solution: 

You can pull all your devices’ data from your RMM or your PSA using the dashboard display, to control the upgrading of software and warranty information. You can track warranty expiry dates.  

Ensuring complete accuracy and reliability. Updated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so all the information you are viewing is in real time.   

Digital Maturity Index (DMI) allows you to benchmark your infrastructure with scoring to show how healthy and up to date your IT environment is.   

The Outcome: 

You know when all your software warranties are due to expire, you just access your dashboard and within a couple of clicks you have all the information you need. 

You can check the status of all your software, automatically benchmarking against industry best practice.  


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