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Posted by Neil Elton on September 12, 2022
Ringfencing your IT Network with an iron clad fence

The Challenge: 

In Remote working: The importance of cybersecurity Chalkline said all your company’s vulnerable employee devices including tablets, smartphones and personal laptops were now being used as convenient working devices. 61 percent of organisations have not yet established a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security policy.  

When applications run on your network, can you trust what they are running?   

Cyber Criminals can use Fileless Malware to infiltrate PowerShell, operating hidden pages that your employees are unaware of, providing them with access to your company’s key data.  

The Solution: 

Build a fence around your applications. Control how each application integrates with every file, piece of software, registry and network resource.  

You can use Ringfencing to supervise how your whitelisted applications run on your network. Once you have allowed these applications to operate on your network, you can prevent malicious scripts or codes from running on your devices.   

Ringfencing stops applications interacting with each other preventing fileless malware being installed and your data being stolen.   

The Outcome: 

When Cyber Criminals infiltrate your applications, trying to run malicious scripts, Ringfencing stops them in their tracks, allowing you to trust your applications will run as intended.  


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