Password Manager with SSO and BreachWatch

by | 31st October 2022

The Challenge:  

Passwords are currency for Cyber criminals. They are used in credential stuffing attacks, where they automatically place users’ credentials, a series of stolen usernames and passwords into login forms on websites in order to access the users’ accounts.

Why is this method so effective?

Users will often use either weak passwords or the same passwords on each account without enabling multi factor authentication.

If Cyber Criminals guess one password, chances are they will guess your other passwords for your secure websites and apps.

How do your employees keep track of their secure passwords?

The Solution:  

Password Manager with SSO.  

Password Managers offer users the capability to identify and remove any weak or reused passwords, allowing you to see all apps and services your users are using, enforcing strong passwords on the services and applications your employees install themselves.

A Password Manager includes a secure password generator which creates strong passwords that are difficult to crack such as G9-D56ADK-YC8JDH-7DBQL-5D284-U4NDK-XTFFEL.

A Password Manager will store all your passwords and secure information in a Vault. Single Sign-On (SSO) is based on trust through a single domain that looks after your authentication and access control.

With Zero Knowledge Platforms every password is encrypted on your employees’ devices, all protected by powerful Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption Keys. Your employees will select a single password for the Password Manager only, prompted to use multi-factor authentication before they can access their Vaults.

Your employees can use a Third Party Single Sign-On Solution, generating passwords of up to 50 characters, where you can change any password on any device.

BreachWatch is a revolutionary new part of your IT Infrastructure, continuously monitoring records on the internet to identify any breached accounts that match your passwords and the security information in your Password Manager Vault.

It warns your employees immediately if it spots a potential attack vector, rotating compromised passwords.

The Outcome:  

Fewer passwords to manage. Securer passwords. Reassurance your passwords will be rotated if your current credentials are found to be compromised.


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