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Managed Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Posted by Neil Elton on October 10, 2022
Managed Mobile Device Management (MDM) (excluding implementation)

The Challenge: 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is now common in workplaces, but how does this impact on data security? How can you provide data security for all your devices? 

In Remote working: The importance of cybersecurity Chalkline said it is important while remote working to ensure your business meets regulatory and GDPR obligations when it comes to data security. Ensure your data is wipeable should a device be stolen. 

In What's Enterprise Mobility + Security? (And why you need it) Chalkline said we reside in a mobile-first world. Mobile device and application management protects your business applications and all the data across every company device.  

How do you deploy new devices, install and enforce the latest versions of applications, including automatically installed new security patches? 

The Solution: 

In Remote working: The importance of cybersecurity Chalkline said device provisioning can take some planning.    

In What is data security? What your finance firm needs to know Chalkline said remote wiping is a great solution if staff leave their laptops or phones in taxis or on public transport. Allowing your employees to be mobile, working from anywhere, with secure enterprise mobility.  

Microsoft defines Managed Mobile Device Management (MDM) as allowing both users to enrol their devices and IT administrators to push apps on devices, restricting devices to specific operating systems, blocking personal devices and removing all data from lost and stolen devices. You can provide settings and software deployment information and retrieve status and inventory messages from mobile devices. 

TechTarget says you can deploy applications to your employees’ managed devices through In-house MDM, Cloud-hosted MDM and SaaS MDM allowing plenty of flexibility in MDM deployment.  

MDM provides a wide-ranging toolkit:  

  • to automatically detect any new devices on your company’s network. 
  • through Geofencing tracking the exact locations of your devices. 
  • passcode enforcement and jailbreaking alerts when users try to bypass any restrictions.  
  • automatically locking down and remotely wiping your devices. 

The Outcome:   

With the ability to encrypt or remotely wipe any data on your devices, you have complete control over which applications are installed remotely on your network.   

Multi-factor authentication provides Cyber Criminals with passcodes they cannot crack, as they do not have access to your employees’ mobiles, ensuring complete cybersecurity for your company’s data.  


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