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Implementation of Security Baseline policies for servers and workstations

Posted by Neil Elton on November 28, 2022
Implementation of Security Baseline policies for servers and workstations

The Challenge: 

Your systems or workstations reach the end of their natural lifecycles. When you install their replacements, how secure are they?   

With many configuration capabilities and considerations to choose from, what Security Baseline policies should you put in place to keep your systems and devices safe and secure?   

The Solution: 

You need bespoke security baseline policies tailored to the security concerns and threats you face.  You need Security Baseline policies that meets industry standard configurations. What are these key Security Baseline principles?  

Microsoft defines the choices of Security Baselines as:  

  • well-managed, security-conscious companies where most of your users will have no administrative rights.  
  • enforcing settings mitigating contemporary security threats, ensuring that no operational issues are caused that are worse than any of the risks the settings are there to already mitigate.  
  • enforcing default only if it is likely one of your employees, as an authorised user, is potentially going to set the baseline at an insecure state. Likely to be also used if an administrator potentially may choose a poor security baseline setting.  

You are constantly able to mitigate cybersecurity issues from both outside the company and potentially from your employees’ lack of judgement.  

The Outcome: 

You are able to ensure that all your security baselines on your servers and workstations are set at the optimal level suitable for your company’s needs.  


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