Endpoint Device Vulnerability Scanning Assessment

by | 19th September 2022

The Challenge: 

In Remote working: The importance of cybersecurity, we explained how Cyber Criminals always find new ways to tap into networks that may be vulnerable, through tactics such as Phishing emails and scam SMS messages. They can harvest your company’s data and install malware onto devices.

Do you have the latest versions and patches installed on your operating system and applications? Are they vulnerable to Cyber Criminals?

Vulnerabilities and weaknesses can be exploited by Cyber Criminals.

Okta has documented the areas where you are most vulnerable to attack:

  • Employee Portals
  • VPNs
  • Company Websites
  • Stolen Employee Passwords
  • Out-of-date Security Certificates
  • Private Information

How can you ensure your operating system and applications continue to be secure?

The Solution: 

Endpoint Device Vulnerability Scanning Assessment.

In Remote working: The importance of cybersecurity, Chalkline said endpoint security business grade anti-virus software protects your endpoint desktops, laptops and mobile devices, by detecting malware.

Microsoft Mechanics defines detection response capabilities as detecting, monitoring and spotting trending threats, automatically remediates any security incidents.

One single unified Cyber Security dashboard, allowing you to have eyes on suspicious behaviour and events in real time.

You isolate risks by monitoring the Exposure Score for devices. The lower the score, the lower the risks. You reduce Cyber Criminals’ potential Attack Surfaces.

The benefits of Enterprise grade security, with Endpoint detection and response, automatically investigating and remedying any security risks.

The Outcome: 

You receive threat analytics reports including detailed analysis on how any potential cyber-attacks will take place including types of email correspondence and attachments Cyber Criminals will send you during attacks.


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