A day in the life of a first line support analyst

Posted by David Smetana on Jan 2, 2019 11:22:21 AM
IT support engineer in an office

In November, we published the first post in the 'Day in the Life' series. The purpose of these articles is to provide transparency and education when it comes to the members of the Chalkline team and the tasks they undertake to support the IT services we deliver to our clients. This month we introduce James Wade, our First Line Support Analyst.

Tell us little bit about yourself

My name is James Wade, I’m 22 and currently living in Luton. I can often be found playing on my Xbox One or PC outside of work or spending time with my family. I’m famously known for being a fan of chocolate and drinking coke instead of alcohol when going out.

When and why did you join Chalkline?

Prior to joining Chalkline I was working at another company who had a number of contracts acquired by Chalkline. Chalkline was a new company at the time I joined, and I decided to move over because I believed in the values the company strives for. I also enjoy doing IT support and wanted to continue down that route.

Tell us about your role and what it entails?

My role is First Line Support Analyst, which means I primarily take calls from clients as well as doing the initial diagnostics for tickets that have been raised with the service desk. It’s our job to find out as much as we can about the issue and end user reports. Where possible, we provide a solution if it's in our remit or we escalate the issue to the second-line team.

How were the initial days – what struck you most?

At the start we were a very small team and it was a different experience to when I joined previous workplaces, where the company already had a few employees. Joining Chalkline in its early stages was a great opportunity as it provided me with a new challenge and it was interesting seeing the company develop over the years.

What were you doing before you joined Chalkline?

I worked at a similar IT support company, however this company underwent a merger after a short while. The direction of the managed service desk changed and I was no longer needed.

What makes Chalkline different to other providers from your perspective?

Chalkline strives for greater customer service and listens to feedback. There is also a good chemistry within the team and we often socialise together outside of work, such as taking part in The Crystal Maze experience. There is also an opportunity to grow our knowledge with funded training and exams.

What do you like best about Chalkline?

It’s a fun environment and I get to learn about a lot of upcoming technologies. The business is highly focused on remote support, which is something I am passionate about.

From an employee perspective, the office is easy to get to and at lunch we put the office Xbox to use!

What does a usual day look like?

I start the day running the daily or weekly backup checks, this is a process whereby I investigate all of the daily backups that ran throughout the previous night and make sure that they were fully completed.

Ensuring the backups have completed is a very important process, if a company for any reason needs to restore all its data and doesn’t have any way to restore from a backup, then there can be massive consequences for this.

After completing the backup checks I will then move on to assisting with the service desk. I take calls from clients, respond to tickets that have already been logged and monitor the support queue for any incoming support requests via email.

When I have time, I also begin to document anything I find which may be helpful to new employees when they join the first line team, there are lots of documents which cover a wide range of possible questions.


What does your future at Chalkline look like and what do you want to achieve in your career?

My short-term goal is to get to second-line support and to develop my skills. I’m currently focusing my exams in the area of servers. My long-term aim is to progress to third-line support after honing my skills or to work towards a leadership role.