Putting Microsoft Cloud at the heart of our business

Posted by David Smetana on June 21, 2017
Some kind of periodic table of Microsoft Cloud stuff

The core focus of our business is around the Microsoft Cloud stack, specifically Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Microsoft Azure, but when we counted exactly how many services we provided, there were 40+ individual products and services!

Periodic Table

Is this because Microsoft Office 365 offers so many varied and diverse products that sit within one product set? Well, yes partly, but it is also because as a business we have had to evolve and offer our clients many ancillary services that were not on the original roadmap.

 play an important part of the offering we provide to our clients. This is now underpinned by our enterprise grade monitoring & reporting tools which surfaces information about our clients though neat BI dashboards.


We also now have a dedicated SharePoint practice whereby we can consult and advise on the correct way to utilise SharePoint online. This usually starts with a workshop where we extract the business requirements and then use our extensive knowledge and experience of best practise to translate this into the correct configuration for the business.

Through our various partnerships we can also offer a wide range of services outside of the Microsoft stack, such as Dropbox, cloud backups, hardware, leased lines, VoIP solutions and numerous other services.

Lastly if you think you are good at FIFA then I challenge you to meet us online and play our resident FIFA Professional! (It’s definitely not me, but if you do need a good restaurant reservation then as the resident foodie I am your man)

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