Business Email Compromise

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Blog, Cyber Security, Data security

The Challenge: 

Business Email Compromise is defined by the National Cyber Security Centre as a Phishing attack where the Cyber Criminals attempt to trick a senior executive into transferring funds or revealing sensitive information. 

The FBI defines the steps of the Business Email Compromise Timeline as:   

  • Identifying a Target. 
  • Grooming the Target through Spear Phishing emails.  
  • Exchange of Information.  
  • Wire Transfer by the Victim. 

How can you prevent a Business Email Compromise attack occurring?   

The Solution:   

Multiple steps should be taken to help prevent against a Business Email Compromise taking place:  

  • Multi-factor authentication prevents Cyber Criminals having easy access to your email accounts.  
  • Monitor your email platform for changes.  
  • Ensure email clients are connected securely and kept up to date.

The Outcome:  

Implementing Chalkline’s Security Bundle including multi-factor authentication and email monitoring prevents Cyber Criminals launching a Business Email Compromise attack.   


Call Chalkline today on 020  3819  3300 or review our IT Security Packages for SMBs page and book a meeting with us. We can help with all elements of cyber hygiene and answer any questions you might have.  

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