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BitLocker monitoring - protecting devices & data

Posted by Neil Elton on August 22, 2022
BitLocker monitoring protecting your company's data

The Challenge: 

Cyber Criminals are always looking for new ways to access your company’s data.  

When they gain access to a device, how far would they be able to infiltrate?  Which employees have a business need to access your data?

The Solution: 

In Think ahead – be secure! Chalkline said when you are setting up your company’s new laptops, enable BitLocker as standard, providing full encryption and data protection to each device.  

BitLocker helps to mitigate against unauthorised data access on lost or stolen computers by encrypting all user and system files on your operating system drive.   

By fully encrypting your PCs and Drives with BitLocker Drive Encryption, you get to decide who can decrypt and access your files. 

As part of our managed solution, we will identify any devices that do not have BitLocker enabled and ensure this is rectified.

The Outcome: 

If your employees lose their company devices or they are stolen, the data is not accessible to a Cyber Criminal.


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