7 best Power Automate templates for asset management firms

by | 6th July 2021

Eager to make the most out of Power Automate but don’t know where to start?

If your firm’s not ready to dive in and create your own low-code flows just yet, don’t sweat it.

We’ve pulled out seven of the best Power Automate templates for your asset management firm to adopt today.

Let’s get automating.

Power Automate: 7 templates your firm should adopt

To make it easy for you, we’ve split these templates by use case: data, clients and sales, and employee experience.


1. Capture Power BI alerts

With this template, you can check your Power BI alert status and send Office 365 notification emails on a recurring basis. This means your asset management firm will never miss any important alerts should the data in your dashboards change beyond the customisable limits you set.

2. Insert a new Excel row

Tired of adding important data manually? When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox, simply use this template to insert a row into your chosen Excel spreadsheet automatically. You can base this on a specific, set condition.

Client and sales

3. Summarise opportunities

Never let a new sales lead slip through the cracks again. With this template, you can receive a weekly digest email of all your asset management firm’s new Dynamics 365 opportunities.

4. Track document signatures

Have you sent over a contract to a new client lately?

If you don’t want to keep manually checking whether they’ve signed a DocuSign envelope, adopt this template. It’ll automatically ping you a mobile notification once the signature’s been received.

5. Save important client attachments

Make sure you place all-important email attachments in a singular place, no matter whether they’re from your investors or clients.

With this template, you can automatically save email attachments to a specific OneDrive for Business folder. This is perfect if you like to keep your documents organised and segmented.

Employee experience

6. Approve time off

Whether you’re navigating remote working norms or wanting to make office admin tasks as easy as possible, this Power Automate template is for you.

With a simple approval flow, you can automatically approve your employee time-off requests in Shifts with a click of a button.

7. Replicate Azure AD permissions

Make onboarding new employees a breeze.

With this template, your asset management firm can replicate an existing user’s Azure AD permissions and assign them to a new user (in a similar role). The user in question will get a confirmation email once the action’s complete.

Power-on the automation switch

Did you know that organisations can lose between 20 to 30 percent of revenue per year due to inefficiencies?

If you want to keep your asset management firm productive and profitable, it makes sense to automate time-consuming manual processes.

Power Automate is a simple, low-code way to introduce automated workflows into your business. And, fortunately, there are plenty of templates to get you started!

If you’d like more information on Power Automate, please download our in-depth guide.

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