5 compelling benefits of business process automation

by | 14th January 2021

Did you know that almost 30 percent of the hours worked globally could be automated by 2030?

This prospect is not as scary as you think.

Business process automation is valuable and transformative technology that drives operational and cost efficiencies, all while ensuring a better end-user experience. And it can offer your business a wealth of benefits.

Before we list these benefits, let’s start with a quick definition of business process automation.

What is business process automation?

Process Automation involves the use of digital technology to automate manual processes and streamline the completion of a particular workflow or function to boost overall business efficiency.

Process automation doesn’t mean that machines are replacing humans, more that they’re complementing valuable human processes in the workplace to ensure optimum efficiency.

When companies utilise business process automation, they’re given the gift of more time to high-level, innovative tasks that can lead to more value.

Business benefits of process automation

Here are the most compelling reasons why you should adopt business process automation:

1. Boosts productivity

Employees value their time and will value anything that gives them more. With streamlined workflows taking care of repetitive administrative tasks, they can boost their productivity levels with more collaboration and innovative, creative work.

For example, sending a daily, weekly or monthly report can be made a smoother process by creating a flow that automatically recreates itself at certain intervals, and sends it to the right people, will save time and energy.

2. Improves company culture

Without automation, 26 percent of your employees’ days will be wasted on avoidable administrative chores. Being trapped in a cycle of manual legacy processes is hardly going to inspire employees. What’s more, job seekers and new members of staff are likely to seek better, more technology-led ways of handling workloads.

Fortunately, business process automation provides users with the freedom to do more with and value their job, leading to a prouder and satisfied workforce.

3. Speeds up processes

Nearly 60 percent of workers estimate they could save six or more hours per week with automation. Repetitive, mundane tasks are important, but they take a lot of time out of your day.

Streamlining as many of these jobs as you can, will ensure more is done, in less time, with fewer resources, and less risk of manual errors.

4. Reduces errors

Did you know that 10 to 20 percent of human working hours are spent on repetitive computer tasks? This tiresome work can often result in tiny mistakes.

However, one small data entry error can result in any number of big problems, such as communication inefficiencies and delays.

Business process automation will significantly reduce the margin for human error by ensuring consistency – automatically collecting, uploading, or syncing data into a system of record.

5. It saves you money

Inefficient workflows can cost up to 30 percent of your company’s revenue. Delays in deadlines can cost money and creates more work for someone else down the line.

Investing in the right automation software will save you more in the long-run by removing the human element and creating a reliable process that keeps you on time and on budget.

Simple cloud-based tools, such as Microsoft Power Automate, will give you all the business process automation benefits without breaking the bank, as well as allow you to save on employee labour costs, too.

The potential of business process automation

Business process automation takes the time spent on repetitive manual tasks, such as data entry, and gives it back to more rewarding aspects of work. It speaks to the overall goals and objectives of your business and brings you in line with your competition.

Keen to find out how process automation could set your business up for success?

If you’d like to chat with the team about Microsoft Power Automate and discuss how we can help you transform your workflows and add the value your business deserves, get in touch here.

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