365 tenant monitoring – securing the cloud

by | 1st August 2022

The Challenge: 

Breaches can happen at any time.  How do you ensure breaches don’t compromise your network?  

What happens if you accidently stumble across a malicious website, exposing you to malware?  

How do you prevent, detect and recover from human error?  

The Solution: 

365 tenant monitoring, the nerve centre of your security network. Your 365 tenant is integral, serving as the link between devices, data storage and emails, seamlessly linking to your Domain Name System (DNS) with all your subscriptions and licences, allowing you to assign your employees their applications.   

365 tenant monitoring uses Cloud based intelligent algorithm monitoring for real time risks. When suspicious events or risky configurations are discovered, you are instantly notified through alerts and offered solutions to remedy these risks.  

Examples include, but are not limited to:   

  • Geo monitoring identifying multiple logins from different geographical locations within a certain time period.  
  •  Identifying creation of mailbox forwarding rules usually associated with successful Phishing breaches.  

 The Outcome: 

All real time threats are being monitored, scanned and flagged before becoming issues. Our Cloud based intelligent algorithm will protect you from suspicious incidents and risky configurations.  


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