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Asset management companies are undoubtedly feeling the pressure of change. In addition to new regulatory and compliance rules, many firms have been slow to adapt to technological shifts. But this slow uptake could be detrimental to the industry’s success.

So much so, that financial advisors are highly advised to adopt advanced technological capabilities into their practice should they wish to excel in the next five to ten years.

With technological trends and advancements moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with the conversation. However, if you look in the right places, you’ll find a group of people who hold a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm.

With that in mind, let’s explore the top experts in the asset management space.

Our comprehensive list of asset management influencers

Twitter is a crucial place to find relevant business insights that will keep your business competitive in a thriving scene.

We’ve created a list of 20 asset management influencers you should keep on your radar, many of whom have impressive industry experience and a wealth of followers.



1. Theodora Lau

Twitter username: @psb_dc

Theodora Lau keeps her 50K followers updated on the future of wealth management, paying close attention to how taking a holistic view of the customer’s well-being will help usher in a financially secure future for everyone.



2. April J.Rudin

Twitter username: @TheRudinGroup

April is the Global Wealth Marketing Strategist Founder and CEO at The Rudin Group, which looks to ’embrace a bolder vision for your modern wealth brand’.



3. Spiros Margaris

Twitter username: @SpirosMargaris

It’s no surprise to see that Spiros has over 100K followers on his Twitter account alone, due to his brilliant tips on how to drive the digital transformation within the investment and asset management industry.



4. Urs Bolt

Twitter username: @UrsBolt

Urs regularly updates his followers with tips on how to build a business infrastructure to meet changing global demands.



5. Robin Powell

Twitter username: @RobinJPowell

Also known as ‘The evidence-based investor‘, Robin informs his 20K+ followers with tips around creating a broader portfolio and other important areas of growth.



6. Michael Kitces

Twitter username: @MichaelKitces

Michael shares his valuable perspective on the financial planning world with his 60K+ followers.



7. Claer Barrett

Twitter username: @ClaerB

The Consumer Editor at the Financial Times and a Saturday columnist in @ftmoney, Claer shares her tips and thoughts on investors and investments in a changing asset management industry.



8. Jim Marous

Twitter username: @JimMarous

With his 65K + Twitter followers, Jim is one of the most widely acknowledged wealth management experts and influencers out there.



9. Andreas Staub

Twitter username: @andi_staub

As the Head of Corporate Development & Digital Transformation Raiffeisen, Andreas knows a thing or two about how technology can transform your asset management business.



10. Clare Flynn Levy

Twitter username: @cflynnlevy

Clare is an ex-fund manager, current financial software entrepreneur, and behavioural finance & flexible working evangelist.


11. Susanne Chishti

Twitter username: @SusanneChishti

As the CEO of FINTECH Circle, Investor & NED, Susanne shares plenty of valuable thoughts on the future of the asset management industry.



12. Vicky Ge Huang

Twitter username: @Vlajournalist

Senior investing reporter at Business Insider, Vicky regularly tweets about investing and finance.



13. Ron Carson

Twitter username: @rchusker

A registered investment advisor, follow Ron for his thoughts on how to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.



14. Oscar Neira

Twitter username: @NeiraOsci

Oscar has some great insights into the state of technology adoption to share with his growing following.



15. Gregory Silberman

Twitter username: @g_silberman

Gregory is the Chief Investment Officer at Atlanta Capital Group and an ‘alternative investment scout’.



16. Sallie Krawcheck

Twitter username: @SallieKrawcheck

Sallie is the CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, a mission to get more money in the hands of women. Follow her for some brilliant insights.



17. Jay Palter

Twitter username: @jaypalter

Jay uses his knowledge and experience in social media to amplify the visibility of asset management businesses online.



18. Bradley Leimer

Twitter username: @leimer

As the head of innovation and FinTech Strategy at Santander, Bradley has made a name for himself as a thought leader in the digital banking space.



19. Jeff Marsden

Twitter username: @Jeff_Marsden

A confessed builder, mentor, advisor, angel investor, storyteller, and connector, Jeff comments on transformative technology and the importance of championing business growth.



20. David Doughty

Twitter username: @daviddoughty

David works with company directors to help them be more effective through strategy, vision, mission and values workshops.

Drive forward your digital adoption

Technology is redefining the relationship between asset managers, their portfolios and their clients and there’s an increasing abundance of news and insights available. To keep pace with that change, we suggest following reputable resources, such as these Twitter accounts.

However, for firms that are ready to future-proof themselves with modern technology, we suggest finding the right support. So, if your business is looking to make a start, get in touch with our team today!

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